Answering the Call of Your Soul – Calm Down so Your Can Wake Up – A Mini Retreat & Activation:)

Sunday May 15, 2016 
with Ann Naimark & Judy Guadalupe 

Sacramento Yoga Center 
Sierra 2 Community Center for the Arts
2791 24th St.  Sacramento
916 760 2445

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Calm Down So You Can Wake Up May 15 Mini Retreat Options

You will experience a half day of Rejuvenation for Body and Soul. Guided meditation, activation for body and soul through breath, collective wisdom, channeled sound, Shakti transmission, cosmic humor and light language activation.

Coming together into the heart of compassion, where all is welcome, is your gift to yourself and our planet.

A Unique Meditation to Activate Heart Intelligence.

Learn Simple Tools to Connect with your Guides

Experience Breath and Movement to Activate Passion and Intuition

Learn to Use the Laws of Inclusion & Attraction

Join with soul family as we integrate the global frequencies of ascension that are shifting humanity into Unity Consciousness and Sovereign Expression.

Ann Naimark – For 25+ years Ann has been a spiritual psychotherapist. Ann channels in your God-guides from all realms of Creation to tend to your needs now. As you let go of your control, even just a little bit, you feel loved, safe, free of anxiety and fear. Ann adores playing with you in the God-Self that you are and seeks only to have you move ever deeper into the Reality of All That Is, That You Are.

Judy Guadalupe is an Inspirer of the Soul whose cosmic humor and presence elicits unconditional love and joy. Inviting you to live from your non-dual eternal awareness, her offerings and “channelled” activations offer you the relief and potential ecstasy that comes with this inner knowing and alignment with your eternal nature.Sunday, May 15th 1-4pm