More Testimonials

My individual sessions with Judy have been magical mystery tours through the far reaches of the Universe that exists within my heart.  They’re full of fun and surprises, deep and profound insights, and answers to questions I didn’t even know I was asking.  Judy is caring and perceptive, gentle and wise, humorous and ruthless (in the very best way possible).  She opens her strong, clear channel to receive universal truths that she applies with unerring accuracy to whatever issue I bring to her.  Each session with Judy is different, but what is always the same is my sense of having been shifted in subtle or dramatic ways, and my gratitude to have had an amazing experience with her.  
Debbie C Sacramento

Judy has been an invaluable resource to me, as I have journeyed through the refining process – in a quest to manifest my destiny and complete my service to the Ascension here on Earth. She has a clear, open channel to Spirit and those masters of light who support our evolution at this time. Judy’s access to this information has given me just the personal guidance I need to clarify and empower my decisions. She taps into one’s soul at a very deep level, and I am enormously grateful for all that I receive through her. – Mollie S LA

 In my quest for more complete answers than the medical model could provide, I was led to Judy Guadalupe. She offered great insight into and guidance about my wonderfully complex children. She helped me look at my amazing daughter in a completely new light, and she gave me practical strategies to reduce my family’s collective anxiety. After working with Judy, I felt a sense of relief for the first time. Finally someone understood my unique family dynamics and provided me with hope for my family’s future. – Kristin 

 “Thank you for the goddance group, up until a year ago, when I began the goddance (have done all 5 series!) I would not have experienced the unraveling that is happening in my life as rapturous, as I Am now. My life is experienced as joy without bounds, love with wild abandon and an inner knowing, that there is nothing that is not truly love” MT Davis

Judy’s Goddance Group was one of the most powerful experience’s I’ve had in a very long time.  It’s more than a magical journey, it’s a long awaited journey back home.  Be ready to laugh, cry, shout and just be still.  You will swear her beautiful words were meant for you and just you while being surrounded by other loving women building a force that puts it all back into perspective to your divine self.  Go if you dare and be prepared for a beautiful surprise.  Trish Flores, Sacramento

“Freeing your Goddance is a divinely guided experience in which Judy leads each of us through a magical portal. Each week we find new opportunities to free our authentic selves in a nurturing, playful, contemplative, and loving way.” KP Sac  

Judy has the unique gift of bringing women together and creating a space full of love, kindness and laughter  Her guided meditations are an inner journey of self discovery, clarity and releasing. I have gained more insight in one six week group, than I had in the previous two years of online seminars and reading books too numerous to count.  Thank You from the depths of my soul and spirit. LC Rio Linda  

“The Goddance group takes us beyond words and beyond form, to glimpse, touch and experience our essence and our connection to the All.   Judy is a conduit for the magical and mystical wisdom that pours into her and flows through her to us in transmissions that aren’t understood by our minds but which are received in our hearts and souls.  Our lives are changed as we create, dance, play in the Oneness.   Plus, it’s fun!”  Debbie Caldwell, Sacramento

 “I came to your evening of Inspiration, Laughter & Love and LOVED it!  I woke up the next morning and heard a  light language conversation going on in my head.  …As I tried to figure out what all of that was about, who was speaking and what was being said it was gone – but it was amazing. The  day after that, I said something negative to myself about myself, and I heard one sentence of the light language. I immediately had an image of the negativethought being a seed, and the language coated the seed in protection and bathed me in joy, and made me chuckle at myself. I didn’t feel wrong or bad, or even really corrected, just love. What a powerful gift you have, and what a beautiful woman you are! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.”  JW Folsom



I wanted to thank you for the most amazing experience this past Sunday. Sunday was the accumulation of a series of what had been random events that I had had over the previous week or so.  I haven’t talked to my mom in over 11 years and things ended pretty ugly.  I’ve learned to forgive her and all that goes with that but I still felt stuck.  When you where holding my hands I had the most amazing vision.  It was all laid out for me, the plan to give me closure with my mom and a future where I allow my light to fully shine for the first time. In four weeks I am going to take a road trip to ID to see my mom…something I didn’t think I would ever have the strength to do.Thank you for your amazing light and all that you do!  I’m going to come to your evening of inspiration, laughter and love on the 16th. Tya El Dorado Hills

 I love the Judy’s Evening events, and I am always amazed by how organically the evenings unfold. I never know what to expect – they are always so different! Spirit arises in pure beauty through Judy, and I love having a place to come and experience Spirit unleashed. I always walk away with a deeper remembrance of why I am here on this planet. Thank you, Judy, for all that you are. – JA

 Language is limited by its own boundaries, especially in attempting to describe the magical gift that flows through someone’s spiritual life purpose. I have had the honor of knowing Judy within multiple contexts and settings. I continue to be amazed by her ability to step fully into her light, as she listens to the guidance of celestial beings. Through her work, Judy is an open door for divine magic. She creates a sacred space through which people are encouraged into a journey of remembering their own essence. At a personal level, Judy has a passion to discover ways to live in and sustain harmony with all living things. When you work with Judy, be prepared to experience transformation. – KL Sacramento

 In the “Engaging” community gatherings, participants express themselves freely and help shape the experience of the evening. They also give and receive heart-felt support, facilitating the integration and balance of body, mind, heart, and spirit. – Jeannette V Sacreamento

 I love Judy’s “Prenatal” and “Mom and Baby” classes! Judy honors the amazing experience of childbirth and parenting, with an infectious sense of joy. In addition, she creates an atmosphere of peace and gratitude in her classes. The breath work and relaxation techniques in Judy’s Prenatal class especially helped me through labor and delivery, and The Mom and Baby class has since offered support, revitalization, and nurturing — so important to me after the birth of both my sons. – Linda Sacramento

 I attended Judy’s Prenatal Yoga classes throughout my pregnancy with my second child. My body and mind felt so much better following every class, as a result of Judy’s relaxing, meditative style and effective stretches and poses. After giving birth, I also enjoyed Judy’s other classes, all of which helped me get quiet inside, bond with my baby, move and re-energize my body, and reduce my aches and pains. – Monique  G 

“Engaging” community events tickle the heart and soul. The space fills with light and cosmic humor, as Judy offers fresh perceptions about this earth walk. – GA